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Walter Dalton

chuckles. And therein is a major part of the problem. Too many voters do not take enough interest in the performance of their elected officials to hold them accountable every day or they fear some chowderhead will attack them, as they attack Commonsense and I, every time they point out specific policy failures.

But if you want her to come back, tell her it's a fund raiser for the Re-Elect Bev committee.

Then when she walks in, let her face the cameras and a select panel of questioners such as Commonsence and I. Oh, the door locks as she enters, and her handlers and entourage remain outside.

There's a thought.

Or, get an informant at the airport who will call the day prior to her next out of country working vacation. Have cameras set up as she and her entourage board the plane; and then have a reporter with hand held mini-cam follow her through out her overseas vacation.

Now there is transparency in government.


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