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Just because someone has a

Just because someone has a Spanish last name, or a Spanish name at all, doesn't mean they belong somewhere else. For all you know, she could have been born here in the U.S.A. which would make her an American citizen. Either way, who are we to pass judgment on someone else simply based on a name? To me, that is pure ignorance.

As far as having American festivals in Mexico, maybe you haven't traveled much outside of the U.S.A. Americans are catered to in many countries where signs are written in English, our restaurant chains line up several blocks, and even some countries use the American dollar as their currency. So what if they had a festival here to celebrate their heritage. Did it hurt you in any way? No!

The real issue here is a child is missing. A mother and father don't know where their daughter is tonight. That's the real issue, not the origin of the missing person or the festival she attended.


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