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Think on this Guest555: If there were 500 or 5,000 illegal Mexicans in this country, it would make sense to be angry at the Mexicans.

If there are over 10 MILLION illegals in the country, you need to be angry at your government.

The Department of Homeland Security estimated 10.8 million illegals in the US in 2009...

You can hardly blame hungry and poor people from doing whatever they must to improve their lives or feed their children. You would do the same if the situation were reversed (assuming that you could).

Since hungry and poor illegals are able to find food and jobs here with no greater penalty than reading ignorant posts on a blog, no one should be surprised if this problem continues or grows.

Spewing hatred on a blog won't solve this problem.

Be mad at your government. Vote for people who want to secure the borders.

Also, think about going back to school and joining a church. A little knowledge and compassion never hurt anyone.


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