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Be fair to your servers!

Holidays are here and with money flying out your pocket faster than normal it seems simple to save a few bucks by skimping your servers tip a bit, WRONG! Remember they don't receive a Christmas bonus or paid holidays and most make between 2.75-5 bucks an hour. If you cant afford to tip properly then you need to rethink what your ordering.
And for those large groups... be appreciative, say I have a six table section (most have 4 tables) and your group of twelve is occupying three of my four seat tables remember that I cant turn tables as fast and bring in as many customers to my section because your there. I will go the extra mile for your group not only because its my job but I am honestly trying to make as much money off your group as possible. So with us both knowing I did a good job I then struggle, to add 18% gratuity or trust that you have recognized the efforts I went through for your group and tip accordingly. I have enough pride in my job that I never add the 18% but please don't make me regret having you there.


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