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Not Professional

To your comment. Bottom line the shelter manager has guidelines to follow. If that means putting down animals before you step out of those guidelines then hey..Do Your Job. At the end of the day when the shelter closes there is only one person that can be held responsible for it's failure. That woudl be the shelter manager, period. if you can't stand the heat then stay out the kitchen. what sense doe sit make for a dog to be locked up in a 2x4 or 10x10 space and not leave it for over 6 months. how would you feel to be locked up that long? i bet not good. there is no excuse at all for failing any type of inspection when your job is to not fail inspection. i think that shelter manager should be removed from that position at once and then assign someone who will do their job and not bring negative attention to the county, to the shelter and to the other employees. anyone who disagrees with this should keep in mind when a manager at..say wal-mart is not doing their job..what happens? doe she get a raise or does he get reassigned? no business is any different than another. if the job is done correct then there would be no need for public attention.


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