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And now,

the other shoe drops.

The give away programs for all those folks who prefer not to work now have the onus of putting our state budget on the brink of a cliff.

You can not borrow over $2 Billion to keep medicaid afloat; incur annual interest only payments of $142 Million; and not have a negative impact on the available state revenue.

Let's not forget all those non working folks who received $28 Million+ in benefit payments. Of course, Bev did not feel it would be fair to ask them to return the money they were never entitled to. Someone has to pay the Feds back.

& all those billions of Stimulus money that did nothing positive. Did you enjoy or see benefit from nearly $300,000 that went to fund the study of yoga exercises on hot flashes? That was just the tip of the iceberg.

Now the bills are due. Maybe Bev can stay in state and avoid out of country vacations while she faces the reality of the Democratic folly. And do not forget, she was and remains a major part of that folly.

The reality is the Legislature will need a reduction in budget of 15% in order to break even this year. Welcome to the real world.

If you voted for her and Big Mike, are you happy now?


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