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Unable to disconnect

In 2009 I lost my job and also my home. When I made the decision to allow my home to go into foreclosure I was current with all my utilities. At this same time I had to relocate. I called and was successful in disconnecting my gas (which had a meter) my electric (which had a meter) my cable, and my phone. HOWEVER, when I called CFPUA to have my water turned off (I had drained the hotwater heater), I was told that until the home was in someone else's name I would NOT be allowed to disconnect the water and would have to pay the min. monthly fee. Seriously! Two years later the bank sold this property. This year CFPUA leined my NC tax return and deducted almost 700.00 for a service I had not used since May of 2009 and there was NO water to the home! The said they do this because there is a meter on the property! Power company and gas company didn't have a problem with this! FURTHER, the bank owned the property and IF any monies were to be collected it should have been from them. How is it that all my bills were paid to all my utility providers, and everyone else "allowed" me to disconnect my service, but CFPUA wouldn't? That's the damnest thing I have ever heard of in my life. I have asked them to show me where legally they have the right to do this. I have a conference call with them this coming Weds. morning. Really!


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