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CFPUA board is weak and has no billing, rate, or IT expertise

This is a classic case of a board too weak in knowledge to recognize and remove incompetent staff. The billing problem was a CFPUA issue where the IT staff was not competent to review the work of an outside contractor and, apparently, sat back and assumed everything would work fine instead of actively quality controlling the process. Now this sad excuse for a board is trying to hire a rate consultant. Carry things forward to the article it appears that their base records are suspect since they are not sure what connections they actually have in place (even the most incompetent utilities usually get this part right).

I have some sympathy on the collections issue but it appears that the establishing agreements did not address delinquency and how the losses would be allocated for those that pre-dated the authority...another example of incompetence since this is on everyone's template when establishing an authority.

Oh well welcome to government entities in Wilmington and New Hanover County the Land of Government Incompetence.


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