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RE: Pender Commissioners

The self –proclaimed anointed one is at it again. This time King George Brown has strong armed Commissioner Jimmy Tate out the door then appointed himself as Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners as well as took Jimmy’s seat on the Board of Health. Jimmy Tate has now been demoted to the position of lawn boy somewhere obscure in George’s kingdom. I’m sorry for having to say this, but it’s true. George has pushed this man around to the point where Jimmy has just given up. It’s just like the rest who have walked out the doors in Pender County in the recent past. George Brown is polluting Pender County with his behind the back attacks and lies in his quest to rule.

I predicted George’s plan many months ago and now it’s almost come to light. George wants to take over the Pender County Health Department. He wanted to place his very good friend, Nurse Shirley Steele in Dr. Griffith’s position after he beat him up then got rid of him. That plan has not worked out in George’s favor. It was discovered Nurse Steele along with some of her crony nurses have been lying and falsifying medical documents in order to protect themselves. Nurse Steele and the others should have been fired and charged, but she won’t be fired because George Brown told County Manager Rick Benton that Shirley is off limits. The Board of Nursing and the State should be investigating Nurse Steele and the other nurses whom she collaborated with. Why does George have such a desire to protect her?

David Williams and George Brown put on a real dog and pony show during a recent public meeting about the mother and daughter serving on the Board of Health. Their antics seemed to have fooled the general public by making them believe this is unethical and illegal. Not so. There is not a law on the books stating such and it is not uncommon to have Board Members who are related serving on the same Board. David and George would hope you would think so with their “Abbott and Costello routine” and asking questions poise to the public, “what world do they live in”. County Attorney, Trey Thurman explained to them that by statute they could not vote the mom, a new member off. Trey said there was a process, but then he went ahead and called the mother after the meeting and lied by telling her that the Commissioners had voted her off the Board of Health. This was a conspired act committed by our County Commissioners, the County Manager and the County Attorney that took place after the meeting. Who do you trust? I would certainly trust the mother and daughter over the Pender Government clowns. What world do you live in David and George?

It’s sad that the voters in Pender County really don’t know and don’t care when they walk into the voting booth during election season. The majority of the public vote by name recognition and who has the biggest or the most signs along the highway. They have no idea what goes on in their local government. They just believe what they hear or what they see. It’s like cows in the pasture. One cow starts a move and the others follow. But in reality, we are represented by humans in our local government and unfortunately they are not cows. These representatives have an agenda and the agenda is mostly their agenda and not the publics’. It’s all about greed and moving the ones who get in the way someplace else. I’m asking the public come out of the pasture and keep a watchful eye on our elected officials and when they cross the line, make it public by reporting it to the press or to the NC Attorney General’s office. We can’t let this continue.

Keep your eye on the destruction of the Pender County Health Department. It’s coming to fruition. Now that King George is on the Board of Health, I expect a mass exodus very soon of the better employees and professional who do not have time for his silly games. The way it’s going now, I would not doubt that King George will attempt to appoint himself as the new permanent Health Director of Pender County.

Also keep a very close watch on the Hampstead Bypass and the Land deals floating around the DOT proposed plans. I’m sure you will find some recognizable Hampstead names come up which will be benefiting if they get their highway.


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