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I agree with Kevin 100%

I feel that the county commissioners feel that they can do spend what they want on whatever they want and not have to answer to the people that voted them in. They are DEAD wrong.. Also Mr. Sparks comment "one the city couldn't pass up" wasn't the Gravley coming to Wilmington anyway?

Now, for Mr. Barfield if you can't answer questions regarding the tax payers money on where and how it was spent without going on the defensive, then you should step down... you were elected to serve ALL of the county not just the chosen few.

NO, we don't need to serve our country to understand..
We thank you all for serving and I come from a famliy of military people. My father in WWII, my brother in Vietman and a son-in-law right now in Afghanistan for the 4th time in 5 years... So, I take offense to you making that comment. This is something that I will NOT forget come election time... and it goes for the rest of the commissioners too Mr. Thompson....


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