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dad is not in law enforcement anymore.

This isn't Boss Hog and Hazzard county. Sid WAS in law enforcement, has not been for over a year. A po-dunk Sherrif has no stroke with the feds. Explain Michael Vick get the exact same I (think) for murdering over 80 dogs, tax evation amonst numerous charges. Including previous criminal issues.
Causey was not the ring leader. Check out

part of it says:
The sentences in federal court in Wilmington are the latest chapter in a case centered around Daniel Adams Rooks, a Whiteville real estate developer, his father, employees and associates.

At least two people were ahead of BC in this. Was BC wrong, ABSOLUTELY!!!! Do I think he got a lighter sentence then expected, ABSOLUTELY! Does it have anything to do with a FORMER Sheriff and DEA agent, NO. There is such a thing as local stroke. You don't have stroke with FEDS. When they are involved, it is in their hands and their hands only. People are so caught up in whatever political affiliation Sid was with and they are the opposite party. If Sid had stroke the other guys would have gotten a longer sentence for not coperating. When Feds are involved your best bet is HONESTY. If you are telling me you would be competely honest, regardless of aquaintances (NOT FRIENDS), to save you own tail you are lying. Lying to the FEDS makes it worse, I would bet a dollar to a dime that your political preference is far different the Sids. One grown mans decisions (BC) have absolutely nothing to do with another grown man (Sid).
Causey was asked about 150 loans, of which he could not answer most questions because he didn't know anything about it. FACT, I know him and both parents


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