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Okay, she's only 90% Socialist

She may not be clamoring for the government to seize the means of production, but as long as she and her cohorts want to steal from the productive, functioning members of society to support the lazy, ignorant, incompetent, or unlucky, then she's advocating the redistribution of wealth - a hallmark of left-wing Socialism.

I love it! The Dems have found religion! They are suddenly concerned about the deficit and national debt after blowing a trillion and one-half on a left-wing wish list camouflaged as "stimulus."

Tell you what - I'll gladly pay higher taxes as soon as TANF, Medicaid, WIC, and EIC end, and we adopt a flat tax (or The Fair Tax) with 100% of Americans supporting the government. As long as we have a tax system that allows 48% of Americans to pay zero income taxes, you and all your Democratic buddies can go to blazes.


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