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Why do people who are too

Why do people who are too lazy to read the small print, or even take a few extra minutes to make a phone call to ask the questions they want answered always get money in return. I have had Dtv in my house for 7 years, and have never had a problem. In fact, when I did call in to cancel my movie channels that I no longer watch, I got 3 months credited to my bill, and got a $10 monthly credit on my bill. All I had to do was be nice and courteous. Being nice goes a long way. All the "new stuff" that they are now required to disclose is just common knowledge.

Oh, and actually, if you read under the prices on the TV ad or on the print ads they send, it tells you exactly how long the promotion price lasts. Again, all you have to do is read. And Dtv isn't the only company that uses promo rates to lure you in. I recently called ATT to check on their DSL internet prices, and they quoted me very very reasonable prices, then after my 1 year was up, the prices almost tripled, but it required a 2YEAR I would be forced to pay the triple price for a year, or be forced to pay a cancellation. But, I paid attention to the fine print and the rules, and I am smart, I didn't sign up.


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