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This guy is nuttier than a fruitcake

"Well, you're gonna need to or you're gonna be very likely to need...I'll tell you, you are very lucky, Sir, that I have received the gospel because a few years ago I would have taken you out in this parking lot and addressed you like the man you want to be. Let's walk outside and I'll show you right now. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to sit there in your Huggies and wet yourself?"

So the basic idea is be glad that I found the Lord because a few years ago I would have beaten your butt and if you'd care to step outside right now I'll show you how much I found the Lord by beating your butt?

Nothing quite like a supposedly mature county commissioner threatening a mayor with physical violence.

I'd say that Thompson's recent quotes regarding both the great $25,000 giveaway to his campaign manager and this incident clearly indicate that he has become totally unhinged and is in need of professional psychiatric treatment.


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