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Refreshing to hold those who mispeak to account

With all the mispeak, the misinformaton, and the double talk in our county, our news, and and on the internet, it is refreshing to see a person, a man, stand up for himself and hold another to account the old fashioned way. I saw something similar at the board of elections this year when someone was beaten up on the internet and held the coward that did it to account and face him like a man.

It is high time these cowards..whether hiding behind a blog, a newstation, or a dias at a meeting, saying things that are incorrect, be held accountable for what they say about people.

Go Mr. Thompson. You are a man of honor. Those who say different may not always be ignorant..but often are or are certainly supportive of the cowardess that has evolved in our culture where men cannot stand up to one another and speak the truth to each other.


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