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I may not agree with everything Jason says and does but I don’t blame him for calling the mayor out on the untruths that had been put out there. A person who willingly lies or twists the truth just to get others to view things their way is simply pretentious & arrogant. ..AND bound to meet up against someone who will stand up for them self. I can almost guarantee had Jason not done this on the record that it would have been made out that Jason actually pushed up on him or worse threw a punch.
Side note: Why is Jason always being put on blast by wway tv3? Did he snub one of your news reporters who think they are more important than anyone else? (BTW I don't think you all are that way.. just one in particular.) It seems like every week WWaytv3 is shining a light on some “wrong” he has done. Also..Every few months, you guys seem to find somebody to chew up and spit out in the news. It’s almost like someone in your news crew is out hunting for somebody to turn people against. I have noticed for a while that this news channel (especially in the 5-6 pm news) seems to always have somebody under the radar and obsessed about every little thing they say and do that can be seen as negative. I miss when you guys were all about facts without your glorified opinions. Now it is mainly opinions and “my thoughts are more important than the whole story” news.

Jason, brush it off and move on.


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