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Jason Needs to be Removed - Dangerously Violent

Jason Thompson has along history of exhibiting violence as a public official a pattern of violent behavior, violent threats, intimidation and unbecoming, indecent, and harmful violent confrontational behavior that would land most of us in jail on felony charges. A gun owner and has a history of violence, making violent threats, and shows signs of dangerous mental illness that is not only unbecoming of an elected representative, and should be grounds for his removal from office, at a minimum, before someone gets killed or maimed. It is likely he had a gun in his possession when he threatened the Mayor of Leland and he has almost certainly been armed with a handgun in past violent and unstable, confrontational and threatening episodes. it’s a miracle all of the past incidents involving jason have stopped before resulting in death or life threatening injuries to a concerned citizen, public official, or jason himself (should he decide to physically threaten the wrong person some day).

Jason’s violent behavior and conduct in office fits the stereotype I hate (as a proud southerner) of the southern town with corrupt political rulers, a corrupt sheriff and judge – all working together and all above the law. Respectable businesses and professionals with families avoid corrupt southern small town culture at its worst – exactly the stereotype of the Port City. Anywhere else Jasons behavior over the years would be investigated and possibly resulted in criminal charges. The evidence of mental illness would lead law enforcement to confiscate the sick person’s guns until they received treatment and no longer exhibited violent episodes and intimidation, and the addition of marital issues may further complicates matters.

It isn’t surprising that former sheriff causey (see articles on brian causey..apples don’t fall far from the tree) allowed jason to threaten violence engaging in years of well-documented intimidation unbecoming of an elected official. Actions that would land most of us behind bars charged with multiple felonies. Why do the new sheriff in town and DA ben david allow this powerful politician to exhibit such violence not in self-defense but as a way of doing business that has been allowed by the sheriff, City and County leaders and even the District Attorney for years? They seem more concerned with protecting their own than protecting the public. Will it take someone getting shot and killed before law enforcement acts to stop this violent individual…or other leaders act…when its too late and there’s blood spilled.

Businesses want no part of such a backwoods town with a culture of violence and corruption, from elected leaders and law enforcement, not some outlaw gang. ALL OF YOU REALTORS AND DEVELOPERS WHO FINANCE JASON…are you proud? Does it make you feel tough and good cause you wrote a check and don’t think jason will turn on you? HOW’S YOUR SUPPORT OF VIOLENT CORRUPT LOCAL GOVERNMENT HELPING YOUR BUSINESS?

Jason has mental health issues he needs to address and if had any honor he would resign and deal with the causes of these problems that haunt him. Intimidating and insulting citizens, the media, anyone who disagrees, disgraces the uniform of the Marine Corp Thompson has spent more time hiding behind as a politician than he ever spent wearing in service to a greater purpose. He should honor that uniform now and resign, spend time with his family, and he’s young enough to return to politics after resolving his behavior problems. Maybe the pressure is part of the problem – but if Jason lacks the honor to step aside and work on his mental health problems then the sheriff and DA need to be asked why they refuse to protect the public and our other elected leaders must act to remove Jason. Why is the County silent, do others we’ve elected support jason’s violence against citizens who dare question their decisions or have different ideas, like Mayor Futch? Jason’s behavior toward citizens, reporters and other elected officials, most recently violent threats directed at a Mayor, if not criminal, are certainly unbecoming for an elected official and it is a responsibility of the other board members to remove Thompson for conduct unbecoming, harming the community our leaders are supposed to be helping, and if they don’t act that suggests they share Thompson’s contempt for the public though they at least have the restraint to avoid the violence jason enjoys and could someday, in all likelihood, end in bloodshed. And was a gun present this time? Will jason eventually pull the trigger as these episodes continue to grow in number with each new year?


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