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You People Have no Idea

...what you're talking about. Jason Thompson recused himself from the vote on county commission to preserve the land for the Skyway corridor. He cited that he had land affected by the Skyway. This is reflected in the minutes of the meeting - public record. Go look it up. The next day, the Star News published an article stating exactly this. That Thompson recused himself because he had land in the corridor. Futch simply saw these things, showed up to the meeting, and said that he was surprised to learn that Thompson had land in the corridor from what he had seen in the paper and in the minutes. THAT'S IT. That is all this is about. Thompson showed up ready to assault Mr. Futch physically because he cited what was in the commissioners minutes and the local media.

Thompson is a spoiled child used to bullying people around to get his way. This behavior is expressly prohibited in the NHC Commissioners Ethics Policy - and he should be forcefully removed from office immediately. There is nothing anyone could say that excuses this pathetic immature behavior from an elected official. Thompson exudes nothing but abject insecurity, and probably wasn't hugged enough as a child or something stupid.


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