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I think the ruling voiding

I think the ruling voiding this sham of an adoption is great. I think it is pretty obvious what was up there.

However, I think the ruling on the joint custody is ridiculous. If a man and a woman was shacked up and she had kids from a previous relationship, I don't care if that man is the only dad those kids ever knew in their lives, when its over it would be over. And there isn't a court in this land that would award joint custody to a non-biological third party on that basis. I have seen it happen before and they could not even get a lawyer to take the case. In the case I am speaking of, no one informed the man in question that "it was a temporary situation", and he was the sole support for the kids until she found a new fool.

I would encourage Ms. Jarrell to keep pursuing this. The adoption has been set aside, Boseman is in no way related to this child, and they were in no way legally married. If Boseman wants to be a mother, I suggest she try the old fashioned way, or maybe just "in the best interest of the child" take a pass on the idea altogether.


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