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Calm Down for a minute...

First, I agree with wasteful spending of tax dollars, but why are some people ALWAYS so quick quick to judge.

$300K for field turf...what do we think the total costs up up-keeping the grass for the players is? Watering, maintenance workers salary and time, mowing etc., continued upkeep on grass...come on people, think for a second. Think about how much money and time (your time is worth money) you spend on your own think about that on a level the size of a football field. I don't have the answer but wouldn't you think that this will end up SAVING us taxpayers money? Not to mention future revenues to the schools.

So the County, City and schools are paying about $110k a piece for this? I don't have a problem with it. I personally think field turf is safer for players and will end up saving the taxpayers plenty of money in the end.


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