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Well, let me tell you what

Well, let me tell you what happened to me on I-40.

In November 2007, I was driving up to Raleigh from Wilmington to pick up someone from the RDU airport. On the way up there, it was getting dark pretty early in the day, typical for the fall of the year. It got to the point where it was more dark than it was light.

I was driving in the left-hand lane, and suddenly, I came up on an object which I did not see until the very last minute, due to the time of day. I struck the object with my car, and I felt it go up under the vehicle and do damage.

Immediately stopping the car to examine the damage, I found that some genius had left a truck bed-liner halfway in the road and halfway off the road. It was of a dark color which would explain why I did not see it until the last second.

I called the Highway Patrol to ask them to remove it, and I was informed that the bed-liner had been in the road for hours and "we're sorry, but nobody's been by to get that out of the road yet". Gee, thanks, Mr. Highway Patrol guy.

So I had to file a claim on my insurance for this one-vehicle accident. My company paid out of course, but then the story gets weird.

When the insurance company filed the claim, it showed that I had a vehicle accident on my record. Over the past 3 years, when I've gone to get better insurance rates, all the companies I've been with have dinged me, charging me for a higher insurance rate based on my company's filing the claim on my behalf FOR DAMAGE COVERAGE I WAS PAYING FOR TO BEGIN WITH.

I was also questioned about it by job interviewers who did a background check and found I had an accident in November 2007, since I was going to drive the company vehicle, and I had to do some massive explaining, and they had to go through all this process of calling my insurance company and the whole nine before I would be cleared to start the job.

And all of this because NC Highway Patrol's negligence caused the accident.

I was not able to obtain any legal help in this matter either.

So I basically got the short end of the stick.

And that's my story.


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