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No Idiot Payouts

Wilmington drivers are the most careless and selfish drivers I have ever seen. I have lived in big cities like Los Angeles and Philadelphia and never have I seen more drivers assume everyone else will drive defensively so they can be reckless.

In the case above both drivers were either not paying attention to their surroundings (careless) or assumed the other would concede the right of way (selfish.) Neither of these parties deserves payment. If every careless, selfish driver got a pay out for their actions the result would be much higher premiums for those safe drivers out there, what few remain in this area.

Too many tourists not knowing where they are going coupled with too many young drivers distracted by their cell phones combined with WAY TOO MANY ELDERLY DRIVERS who react too slow to their surroundings add up to the most dangerous area to drive in all the Carolinas. The frustration shows on the rest of us. Let the careless, selfish drivers continue to get into accidents with each other and force them to pay for their poor driving skills out of pocket. Maybe both those drivers will be a little more cautious and prevent a potentially fatal future accident.


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