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I hope

WWAY will allocate the resources to allow live coverage of the Legislature and the Governor during the coming legislative term. Send someone up there like Kevin Wuzzardo who has flustered the Governor in the past with his pointed and relevant questions.

Like it or not, the State must get by with about $15 Billion for the coming fisal year effective 07/01/2011. That's down from roughly $19 Billion in the current fiscal year.

Whether the Governor or Democrats like it, that's reality. Even Education and Entitlement programs are going to have to take cuts with every other Agency.

State employees will most likely see no raise or cost of living adjustment. They'll cry. But maybe they shuld remember all of the unemployed who would gladly take those jobs with no raise or COLA for eternity. Live with it.

And there has to be a significant downsizing in government. Every state agency has attorneys on staff. There are more attorneys employed in every state agency than there are "middle managers" who are slated to be part of the cut. Let's put some of those attorneys on the street; maybe they can become public defenders.

Stop hemoraging the state's finances with Medicaid. NC owes the Feds nearly $2.7 Billion dollars, borrowed during the Easley and Perdue administrations to keep Medicaid solvent. Now, the State begins making $148 Million in "interest only" payments to the Fed. That bill is now due and payable.

Programs are already being cut. Federl stimulus money departs 12/31.

The needed cuts have to be made across the Board.


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