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Geez, what a bunch of miserable people these posters are

I can't believe all the nasty comments about Alan Perry or Perry's Emporium. I've sold them sold gold and silver, had a few rings fixed there and received a wonderful Faberge egg pendant from them as a gift. I don't go to any other jewelry store. Their customer service is fabulous. I don't think Mr. Perry's hair is either greasy or a mullet, FGS.

His commercials are among the few local ones I don't mute. He is better than Davy and Peanut and Pat Kabala (sp?) and he's ONE MILLION times better than the Stevenson man WHO SHOUTS. I will never, ever, ever, ever shop at any dealership in the Stevenson auto group.

Now, as to the WHINY LIBERAL IDIOT who won't shop there because of a Tea PARTY ornament: you are an intolerant FREAK and good riddance to your business. Libs are the most hateful, vitriol-spewing people in the country.

I am a conservative and a tea partier: DEAL WITH IT!


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