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Alan Perry

Yes, by all means tear the man apart. After all, he's a merchant who expects to make a profit on his deals. God forbid! All this uncharitable blah-dee-blah about a jewelry merchant! I am appalled! Where are these soldiers of (self) righteous indignation when faced with the rapine practiced daily upon us by respectable businessmen (Bank of America, for instance)? People complain about a jeweler making money, but pay no attention to the wholesale robbery being performed by bankers and mortgage companies, who drive families into the street and shuttle our national wealth to their Middle Eastern bank accounts. Bathe in your hypocrisy while you shout epithets at jewelers-who actually bring a little sparkle and delight to a generally miserable human existence! Listen to the news you want to hear and ignore anything that truly threatens your existence-say for instance our bought-and-paid-for Congress and Senate. Tear down the walls over a few hundred dollars while billions are wasted by your heroes! Onward, comrades, onward!
And since we're in the time of celebrating the most compassionate man who ever lived, be sure that you extend some to yourselves - and get the board out of your own eye before worrying at the speck in anothers'.


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