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I don't know him and have

I don't know him and have never been to his store but it sounds like a great advertising gimmick that paid off. Of course there is insurance for these deals. That is common business practice. I am wondering if the complainers on this site failed to take advantage of the deal and maybe that is why all the negative comments.

As far as investment jewelry is concerned, the problem may be with the fact that you are trying to sell this piece back to a retail outlet. The original seller will rarely buy back the investment piece sold. You need to advertise elsewhere, perhaps a jeweler in a major metropolitan area who will take the piece on consignment. It may be that the piece was at this shop on consignment when you bought it and therefore he only earned a cut of the $8000 and simply may not be in the market for purchasing that grade of jewelry in a depressed market with no immediate chance of resale.

Investment jewelry is like dealing in antiquities. Depending on the metal markets, the value of the jewelry will rise and fall over the years. Investment pieces are meant to be bought and kept long term in order to grow the value. many times the future potential value of the piece is built into the price. Antiques are the same. Often the fickle whims of the investors determine the worth and price of pieces. What is hot today may drop dramatically in value in the coming months as new finds emerge and compete for attention. In a way this can be compared to a car. A new car loses value the minute you drive it off the lot. There will be years that you may be able to sell it as used only for hundreds when it of course cost thousands when new. Then eventually if it is taken care of, it reaches that age when it becomes a classic and then an antique and can sale for many times its original value, but of course only those who collect those cars will pay the asking price. The same can be said of any "investment" items out there.


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