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The military will survive

I've never been too hot about repealing DADT, but in all honesty we heard the same warnings about Blacks and women. Neither challenge proved to be insurmountable.

Oh, there are going to be short-term problems. I can assure you that when 3/9 comes in from a six-month pump and sees two male Marines dancing at the Camp Schwab NCO club, blood is going to flow! There will likely be more than one or two Matthew Shepherd incidents over the next few years.

The most interesting (and in my warped mind, most entertaining) will be seeing how those males of a"effeminate nature" fit in. I simply can't imagine a drill instructor who comes across like Rip Taylor or Charles Nelson Riley.

Eventually though, it's all going to work out....and just as we have Whites and Blacks who were raised in totally different cultures and may not even like each other, they learn to trust each other....even with each others' lives.

The military is about the least predjudiced organization in the country, and within time, gays will fit right in. I'm not saying that's good or bad - I just recognize the resillience and adaptability of the average serviceman.


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