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So you purchase weapons....

....but need federal, taxpayer funded housing assistance? How is that any different than any other scamming welfare cheat?

You see, there's no need to "prove you wrong." You do quite a good job yourself by claiming that the fact your great-great grandfather was given fire water, now gives you a legitimate excuse to be a drunken believing that you simply can't overcome what happened over one-hundred years ago.

You can sit around and cry in your own, self-created misery or you can get off your butts and make something of yourselves. If you're oh-so "pround," the course of action is obvious.

BTW, a short history lesson, no charge - Lincoln was in a total quandry regarding secession, having no idea what to do, until the idiots in Charleston fired upon Fort Sumter. Thus Southern forces attacking a sanctioned union fort gave him justification to commence open warfare.

So much for the North attacking the Confederacy. Your words about the Confederacy and Civil War, however, make we wonder if what other tribes say about the Lumbee is true: You are not a true tribe, but decended from banished and disgraced Cherokees, runaway slaves, and deserters from both sides of the Civil War. Did great-great warrior chieftain grandaddy wear a gray uniform?


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