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I never said I was a Lumbee Indian and I have made something of my life. I am educated and retired. Also a AI Brother of mine helped get UNC at Pembroke started. I, like you, served in the military when I was young. I admit, alcoholism is rampant amongst Native Americans but it also flourishes in all peoples. We don't have the market cornered with that one either. I have read your posts about homeless people and how they are either, drunks, druggies or wackos. I have met some homeless families where none of the above applied, so please don't kick a good person when they are down. You in you pompous, closed mind, think that it could never happen to you. Your god as I read you is the "almighty dollar". As you put it in another post, "people will fail you" so will the money you so love. It was said that the love of money is the root of all evil. To me and others that is how you come across. Evil. I hope in time you will seek the "Great Spirit in the sky", God. I know you and others will "bash" me for that but I can take it. He said He was mistreated (understatement), do we expect to be treated any better by the world ? Take care and beware how you treat people for there truly are people that entertain His Angels unaware.


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