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Good Lord Almighty!

You go from wanting to scalp me to discussing religion?

First, regarding chronic homeless being drunks, druggies, or whackos, you may not LIKE that fact, but it IS a statistical fact. Seventy percent have subtance abuse and/or mental health problems. I didn't make up that statistic. It comes from organizations that deal with these people. You know how I feel about drunks and druggies - no sympathy, they did it to themselves. Mental cases are the responsibility of their families, not the taxpayers.

As for the other thirty percent, I stand by my comment about rotten planning. If you have kids but no money to house, clothe, and feed them, your priorities are backward.

As for my love of money, I'll match line 16 of my Schedule A to most people's salaries in this area. I give away a LOT of money, but most of my contributions go to help kids and animals. They can't help themselves. I give nothing (beyond forced taxation) to people who should help themselves, but are too lazy or incompetent to do it.

You see, I don't "love" money. I respect it for what it enables me to do and the fact that life is a lot better with money than without it. I grew up without it, made a fortune and lost it, then made another - but I never forgot what poverty is like.

So listen - since I'm obviously too cynical, jaded, and EVIL to go help with drunken Native Americans or homeless bums, so why not turn that sudden missionary zeal of yours toward helping them?


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