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This is the very reason that

This is the very reason that the genral statutes of North Carolina covering the sheriff's dept. of our state need to be updated into the 21 century. Any person doing their job should not be denied the right to do their job regsrdless of the color of the sherif's skin(currently black) interim (white) previous sheriff (white).

Isn't it unusual that the current sheriff (black) has a man on his payroll (white) that ran against him in the spring primary!!!!!!!!!!
Then he and his protege' Mr. Storms hire this man into the sheriff's department. Any man running for sheriff is saying by running that I can run operate the dept. better than anyone else running, that means better than Prentis Benston. Yet this sheriff and his protege, Mr. Storms go out and hire this opponent to serve in the dept. Makes one wonder why this deputy who use to work for a police dept. in the county ever ran for sheriff in the first place!!!!!! The good ole boy network was operating and it accomplished its purpose; that simply was for this deputy to take away enough votes from the top vote getter so Mr. Benston could call for a runoff. Prentis Benston would never even have been in the general election in November if this deputy had not run.

What WWAY needs to find out is why this curreent deputy ran and where did the money come from to support his run. Obviously he is being well compensated now for having run. As far as qualifications to be in the sheriff's dept.; his boss at his former employer would be more qualified to be over there. Don't be surprised, in fact, if he doesn't show up before long. Believe some said he was part of the good ole boy network also. In fact, we might even see the interim sheriff back over there!!! One can't hold two elected positions at
once but a deputy is not elected. Do I here the phone ringing at the interim sheriff's residence? Bladen County has really been improved
ASSOCIATION or COMMITTEE or whatever you call yourself. Must have been those folks from New York you had working the polls and of course the man from Cumberland County. What an administration, while folks in Bladen County are seeking employment.

P.S. Don't ask our local representative to get the general statutes changed; he thinks the director of the local board of elections is the one to get that done. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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