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dui drivers mark thornton

how about a follow up on this story, the Grooms trial is going on now, i guess cause no children were killed it is not a compelling story anymore. This guy was busted again after this crash, maintaining a dwelling among other charges, and still he drives on the road next to me. He previously had a dui machine installed in vehicle and still he drives. This guy was never even arrested, he went home after the hospital, How in the world can we let this happen. Our own DA convicted a guy for murder of an officer and he was miles away when it occured. WTF! I can tell you this, if Mark Thornton gets any of these charges reduced and just pays a fine, i think I'll grab a beer and go for a ride. There seems to be selective prosecution in this town. High on crack, hits a SCHOOL BUS with children aboard and walks away without ever being arrested.
There has to be a line drawn and we have to enforce it. If my child were on that bus, there would definately been a follow up story....


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