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When did we collectively lose our minds?

At what point did nanny government become accepted and indeed, welcomed by some?

You know, I wouldn't mind the nanny governmnet so much if it wasn't totally incompetent, hypocritical nanny government. Because while the Health Department is beating the drum for higher taxes on cigarettes, they accept the daily grind of STDs and illegitimate births among their clientele as if it's just wonderful. It's no big deal if twenty year-old Peggy never came in for her depro shot and is now pregnant with her fourth illegitimate child, or if DeShawn infected five girls with the clap again, but for God's sake, don't let them smoke!!!

Where, oh where, did we ever get the idea that the government is somehow responsible for our own individual health choices? When we did that, we gave the bureaucratic tyrants carte blanche to come into our lives and tell us, "No trans fat." "No smoking." "Take those salt shakers off the table."

I don't smoke, so this will have limited effect on me. That doesn't decrease my outrage at government nosing in on every single aspect of our lives.

So go ahead and raise taxes. Make cigarettes really expensive. Pot is really expensive, and keeping it that way has really reduced its consumption, right? Nobody smokes pot, do they?

Yes, raise the taxes and make criminals out of even more people, because government tyrants are idiots if they don't connect the dots between increased cigarette taxes and increased cigaette smuggling/illegal sales. Straight arrow, "never broke a law in his life" Ward Cleaver types are buying cartons of cigarettes that are coming in from low-tax states or simply "fell off the truck" before tax stamps were applied. When cigarette taxes rise, organized crime gets that much stronger.

BTW, am I the only one who believes that with the impending collapse of Medicare and Social Security and the current state of pension/healthcare commitments to retirees across this nation, we should be ENCOURAGING people to smoke, and lowering the cost of cigarettes? It's Bizzarro World economics - "Gee, let's do everything we can to extend live into the nineties....let's aim for one-hundred years longevity....oh, but keep the retirement age at 62." We designed all these programs around actuarial tables that assumed a basic mortality rate of X, and now we're going broke because X is ten years later than it was when we crunched the numbers! Not enough people are dying fast enough!

Light 'em up, folks. PLEASE light 'em up. My Social Security may depend upon your smoking.


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