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That leaves forty-nine other states

Was this some kind of conspiracy by all fifty governors to liberate the nuts, or did Reagan have a Svengali-like power over them??

Thankfully, I was alive in the Sixties and Seventies, and know full well that neither governors nor presidents were to blame for the growth of free-roaming mental cases. It was the industry itself that pressed for letting them live their lives in the community. The whole plan was to release the non-dangerous ones and establish a full range of community support structures to help the "slightly cracked." Of course, they failed to mention that it would be ridiculously expensive to take care of wide-ranging whackos by employing the tens of thousands of soc and psych majors who didn't want to sell lawn mowers at Sears or tend bar.

That's why we're now up to our eyeballs with dydfunctional, homeless bums and people who can't face any of life's normal adversities without weeping and having an emotional collapse. The mental health "professionals" pushed to have them de-institutionalized.

So I'd say, let's restore funding to all those hospitals and start warehousing them again. It will be far cheaper in the short and long term.


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