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Jenelle Evans - Teen Moms 2

Well I've watched the UTUBE videos, read the stories of this tramp, and read her Myspace page. WOW if MTV is paying this fruit cake They are just as F**ked up as she is. From what I see / read she treats her Mom like crap, wants to party hard, Breaks into places,smoke weed (Dr. said to do it) LOL I bet her favorite color is clear! what a F**king IDIOT... It seems to me she will put anything in her mouth and anywhere else. She's lost her child That should wake her up but I i guess she went and smoked more pot, And then the IDIOTS that support her and buy the drugs for her. I wonder what she does in return for the drugs? I remember the old bumper sticker- ASS, Grass, Or Gas, NO-One rides for free. Well it's ether ASS or Gas. I'm guessing its not gas. Next MTV will air TEEN MOMS on the STREET CORNER. I hope other teens will she what a Stupid Idiot she has turned out to be, Next thing she'll be on Maury Povich show to tell the Boyfriend that shes been sleeping with his best friends brothers friends uncles sisters husband. GIRL GET A LIFE!! You may think you son loves you but he's to young (like you ) to know better!!! You are not a star, Didi it ever cross your POT Smoking brain(what little you have left) That MTV is making fun of you on TV??


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