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Baby Mamma Drama

Even though this isn't a justification..I just want everyone to realize we're talking about someone who is still A TEENAGER. In all honesty, at least it was only pot and nothing harder.
But again, that isn't any excuse. I'm a teen mom too, and believe me had my fair share of problems. But once I held my son for the first time, I resolved to be the best I can be for myself and for him. No child deserves to watch the tension that unfolds in Jenelle's house on a daily basis, and I just hope any damage done can be reversed with some good old fashioned LOVE.

Being a teenage mother is hard enough, and I'm sure telling a young girl who probably feels trapped in a small town with her baby that she can be a "star" on MTV is just adding fuel to the fire. At least her mother (who is a textbook enabler!!) stepped up and didn't just throw the kid into the system and make him a ward of the state. I just hope Jenelle and other girls like her can get their priorities straight sooner rather than later.

I only started watching the show, but it seems like the other girls are trying to get it together as best they can. Short of spaying teenage girls, there's no way to completely stop teenage pregnancy, but seeing good role models step up is a good way to stop young girls thinking they can party hardy and still be a mother.


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