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Name calling hides the true idiots.

LOL. You must be a lumbee living this, "I'm a native" fantasy.

It was NC that adopted the Lumbee Act in 1957 you idiot, not the Federal Government. They are recognized by NC as a tribe but not by the Indian Bureau of Affairs (IBA). One of the markers, which they fail, miserably is proof of a tribe before, you get this BEFORE colonial times. There was never a tribe of people called the "Lumbees" prior to colonization. The were at once Croatan, then Cherokee, then Tuscarora, now Cheraw. However, they could never prove they descended from any of these tribes.
A tribe does not have to prove too much of they are legit.
Just because NC recognizes them does not legitimize the tribe or their status as Native Americans. They have no language, the Cherokee do, the Navajo, etc..not the Lumbees. Most of the residents in NC know the Lumbees are not Indians and this is so laughable. It should be noted, there are Lumbee members that know they are not Indians and laugh at this. This is the biggest Tax scam if this bill were to ever go through and would take money away from actual Native Americans who live in EXTREME poverty.

In the bill proposed to the Federal Gov, they want enrolling members to bypass the IBA in proving degree of Indian blood? Why? Because Native blood is almost non-existent with the Lumbees.

The DNA test they did on core members, not 20 or 24 but hundreds of volunteers has shown heavy European, especially from the Iberian peninsula, along with African admixture. Only about 4% members came back with any NA ancestry.

Obviously you lack any history. That area, Roberson County, never had an Indian tribe in that area. The people were listed as FPC (free people of color) which was usually Mulattoes. Not unusual for some to have some Native ancestry but I highly doubt they were even Tri-racial. Any Indian tribes (not taxed) would have been on the Indian census, especially in 1860. They had a special form for Indian Tribes.

To boot.... When the Natives were driven out of NC in the 1830's, where were the Lumbees? Stayed right there in Roberson Cty because Mulattoes were not driven out, only the Natives. Why? Because the Lumbees did not have "tribal Land."

Instead of hurling insults at people, get your facts straight.


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