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snow days

I totally disagree with our children having to make up snow days, hurricane days. first of all the board of education has taken all but maybe 1 or two if that field trips away from these kids. Let alone any other real fun activities that these kids use to be able to do. And again yes Saturdays and Sundays are the only times that most parents get to have there "my time" with their child. buy the time spring gets here these children are all burned out with school and the board wonders why these children don't do well on the EOG testing let alone these kids don't want to even be at school. If they have to make it up then i agree take away some teacher work day. but all and all this is totally rediculous But who are we? We are just the parents of these children. The board of education does what they want in spite of parents. but I totally agree, snow days, hurricane days, wind days or what ever i too refuse to send my child to school on a Saturday or Sunday. This is "MY TIME" with my child and their time to just take a deep breath and not have to think about school. My goodness they are stuck in a classroom 5 days a week 7 hrs a day. Come on people, lets get off the 180 DAYS OF SCHOOL! Make school fun again so these children will want to be there. Lets not take away their Saturday or Sunday or their vacation time that they barely have now.


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