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Use this to teach

Use this situation to teach your child(ren) that sometimes things in life aren't fair. Yes we had snow and ice, and the kids loved it, but now they need to learn that they have to pay the price for it. Going to school on Saturday WILL NOT hurt them one bit - we did it when we were younger. Yes you can keep them home and then lie when you send in a note excusing them, but what are you teaching? It's okay to lie when it suits you - good lesson mom or dad!

You can pretty well bet that most school districts will not reschedule on January 17. Why? It is a political move that none want to make - many would be very upset if they did. I take nothing away from MLK - his vision was great and his death was a tragedy, but does it make him any more important than others - no! His birthday is recognized as a holiday - yea, no work for fed employees and they still get paid! President's day when we honored the presidents that served this country goes by virtually unnoticed - that is a political agenda pure and simple.


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