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Sorry to rile your feathers so much....

....but I only pointed out that you didn't know what you were talking about. I only stated facts about Dr. King that you are apparently unaware of. It seems that you should read more about him to understand his purpose and method on a deeper level, well beyond the "skin" and more along the lines of the larger scale (big picture) of his intent.

It is very abrasive language and anger that is evident in your post and is what holds you back from making the accomplishments of education and opportunity of which Dr. King gave you the path. You had rather argue about something you know little about and call names, rather than to educate yourself and make just one valid point.

Your reference to me attending a "klan" meeting is indicative of your uneducated, race-inciting and somewhat dim view of your "own people" as you like to say. You perpetuate your own problems and blame them on everyone else.

Get your kids in school for the make-up day, keep them there in hopes that your ignorance doesn't follow them in their maturity.


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