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are you serious?

I seriously cant believe that you somehow think you are qualified to say that someone should be sterilized. Everyone in this country makes such a big deal about teen pregnancy and wants to shun the youth in America for their unwise decisions. Don't you think that there are other things that could have changed to prevent these girls from teen pregnancy?
Sure, her and her boyfriend got arrested for drugs, she is human. Sometimes when we are not guided in the best of ways or something is affecting us and causes us to react negatively because we do not understand the way we are feeling then we rebel. Honestly I think it is a blessing that she is young because she has the opportunity to correct things before her life is completely out of control.
Clearly, teen pregnancy is an issue, sure ill agree. But for someone who clearly has no right to be casting stones, should decide that they have the right to say someone should be punished for life because of a few bad decisions. The issue now should be, what can she take from her mistakes and how can she learn from them and what can she do to better her life for her and her son. If society took the time to teach the youth in America the right way to handle a situation then maybe we would have some hope...............


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