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Take over State Employees

Sir, please run for Governor and be our boss. Presently the state does nothing for its employees but punish them for every little act they do not like. No raises in two years, health cost up, layoffs and more work for less money. Raleigh has no idea how to treat employees. You have to be politically associated to get a decent promotion. It does not matter how sorry of an employee you are, the worse employee receives the same amount of compensation as the best employee. There is no motivation to excel as there is no reward for doing so. Raleigh does not interact with employees, their interest is in numbers so that administrators can justify their jobs by making employees in the field do their work. You would not believe how much bureaucratic "BS" comes out of Raleigh requiring extra work so someone can present numbers to their boss who is also worthless. Anyone now thinking about a career with NC, think real hard. No raises, retirement system in trouble due to Demos raiding the coffers to support their spending, reduced benefits and politics involved in all decisions. Work some where, where you are appreciated for your work and rewarded for it. The state has nothing to offer and probably never will again. Those days are long gone. After 22 years of state service I regret I ever went with the State. It was one of the largest mistakes in my life. So my experience is to warn you to think of other occupations. But, you can work a entry level state job, get some experience then leave. The state trained you but cannot retain you because they refuse to pay you.


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