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im not sure if this is the

im not sure if this is the same man but do remember from when i was very little boy who used to go to empie park during the 70 s to 80 s also was a guy who had a cousin name christy edens who played for silver gulls girls baseball team used to play against ivy rams i believe was the name of the team murphy coached for during the time. I do remember goin to him and talk to him when I was just a little boy and even im white get along with anybody Id wish and like to meet to talk to with anybody at the ball games. I do remember he was a very remarkable man, talked to me as a man to look up to. I dont know if this man is the same one but do remember calling him murphy. I do have a strong feeling its him and am blessed to see him being in honor also deserves this in honor of him as a man who touched everyone like myself s heart. Thanks and glad I was a friend no matter what since that time was after racial times but now is gone also a good time in honor of this man during my role model Dr MLK JR celebration together is a good timing to honor both men. GOD BLESS BILLY JONES CHRISTY S COUSIN AND SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF NHHS S GREAT LARRY EDENS . IM AT 46 YRS OLD PRESENTLY AND I MUST BE LIKE 10 YRS OLD OR MAYBE YOUNBGER OR OLDER THAT TIME. GOOD MEMORIES !!


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