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Re: if a freshman in high school

I started taking college classes at the community college the summer before freshman year. One of my classes, I spent hanging out and not listening, but when it came time for assignments to be due, I was able to turn them in the last day of class and receive full credit. I'm a senior now and all I got to say is the education system is horrible. From Pre-K to 12. For 8-11 grade, I attended a charter school that had opened up and had "stolen" the top teachers from the public school. In the past 4 years, the scores at the public high school have dropped. In order to prepare the students for the real world, we need to get rid of the teacher unions, and the rest of the political bull that has burdened our schools. The No Child left behind and the teaching to the test has to stop. My charter school has a great pass rate, but the differences is that when people have come in and interviewed us about subjects such as economics, we were able to answer twice as much as the public school because we weren't taught the test. Now I'm at a different high school, different state for my senior year and the kids are clueless about the world around them. Heres an idea, stop the government required tests like the EOCs, EOGS and set guidelines on what needs to be taught and let the final decision be up to the teacher on whether the kids passed the class. Way back, when there wasn't all this testing, school was so much harder, they actually learned stuff.


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