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School Bullying

I too have had to deal with a similiar situation at a brunswick county school this year . My so is in the fourth grade and there was a kid in his class who was doing the same thing . Thankfully my son was never a victim but that didnt matter it still effected him the same way . This kid beat up 3 different children on 5 different occasions. The assistant principal was there for one and he got away from her and continued to hit the child. Really?? How in the world can an adult not stop a fourth grader from commiting more violence. My son was scared to go to school in fear he would be next. I called the principal I dont know how many times and he assured me it would not happen again , and it did 3 more times!! Finally the kid moved away. Which was the best news we could have gotten . This also effects the other students in the class but the schools dont seem to care . Out of 5 times the boy was suspended twice and was still let back into the classroom after every time . The school systems really need to rethink their system and do somethign about it before it is too late ............


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