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Bullying has taken on a new form over the years. It has gotten worse than ever in our schools. But, not as much as at Williston and New Hanover High School. Let me tell you what happens when your child decides to fight back, because there is no other way out. My daughter was backed between two slim rows of chairs in the classroom. When, the bell rang the teacher was more concerned about what was happening in the hallway than who was left in the classroom. With his back turned to the class, a girl ran up to my daughter and sucker punched her. My daughter had no other way out but to fight back, rather than let the girl beat on her. Which is exactly what she should have done. Let me tell you what the school said over this. They called me and said she would not be allowed on the bus, but I had to come and talk to the resource officer before she would be released from school. I left my job for this mess. In the end they said she had a way out of the fight and that she should have not swung on the girl and just let her hit her. We ended up having to go through the Juvienile Detention center and my daughter got community service over this mess and she was taken out of school for 3 weeks and she wasn't allowed to go to her school dance over this mess. The other girl was given the SAME thing, but yet she was the bully in this case. Now, the other girl is in foster care at The Boys and Girls Home in Lake Waccamaw. I don't like fighting I think it is senseless, but if you feel you have no other choice and are in fear of your life. DO IT. I still think Williston is at fault over some of this. Keeping those 8th graders on one hall all day together just causes tensions to rise. Both schools in my opnion need to be shut down. It is time for new High schools and middle schools. To the mother of this child who is being bullied they can not keep your child safe the whole time he is there. Just go and sit in the main office for awhile and watch the staff and the kids interact. NO RESPECT from either sides. It is a shame. Get ready high school is worse.


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