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Thompson is a walking cluster...

Does he go at home at night and think of what he can do to infuriate the public even more..people are falling through hard times in case he hasn't looked at the NH county budget lately, so yes, insurance collapses but the state regulates and fines those people with lesser impound someone's car and then have to pay a whopping 350 dollars to get your car back is ridiculous and GREEDY..these conservatives have no ideal how the common person lives and the economic crisis families have to deal with in regards to low paying jobs and not enough income to cover bills..sometimes keeping your lights on or paying your insurance is a decision that a lot of people are making these days..Can we enact a legislative that when these commissioners violate moral issues, ie "the meet me in the parking lot incident", that they are removed from office..hey thompson..why not look at the books and see about lowering property taxes, creating more high paying jobs, bring some new companies in the area, get on the phone and start calling your constituents and apologize for your latest something instead of pissing off the public even more!!


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