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Is he talking about doing away with uninsured motorist coverage

No, he is not, so this law makes no sense..the NC insurance commission isnt going to look at NH county statistics and say, hey lets make this optional for drivers..impounding vehicles is a waste of law enforcement time..sitting there waiting on a wrecker while they could be on actual law breaking calls is again another waste of taxpayers monies..when is Jason's term up? To impound someone's vehicle because their tags expired is stupid..People dont have time to stand all day in the DMV line to get a sticker and so yes, its pushed to the back of the burner..hey Jason, why not solve the wait issues at NH County DMVs..hmmm..there's a start..I mean really, get this dude out of office..How about solve the current budget crisis before thinking of new schemes to try to win back conservative voters..I hope the NC legislative laughs in his damn face..moron!


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