Submitted by WWAY on Fri, 07/20/2007 - 3:45pm.

WILMINGTON -- If you're planning a flight, you should know of a change in carry-on rules coming soon. Starting next month small cigarette lighters will be allowed back in airplane cabins. They were banned in 2001 after shoe bomber Richard Reid tried to ignite a bomb and blow up a plane. The change will free security officers from confiscating around 22-thousand lighters nationwide every day. Breast milk regulations will change to allow more than 3 ounces on board. ILM Airport Director Jon Rosborough said, "This will lessen the need to look for those type of items and allow us to spend more time with things that will make a more positive impact toward terrorists' threats, so I think it's a good thing, overall." Rosborough reminds women that breast milk must be declared for inspection at the security checkpoint, and that it may be subject to examination. Torch lighters are still not allowed in the cabin. The changes go into effect in two weeks on Saturday, August 4.

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