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Teen Mom in Oak Island

I was a teen mother-15yrs old. My mother was a single mother of three who worked three and four jobs just to care for us. So I grew up faster than the normal 15 yr olds...I was told by a doctor that I should not have the baby-it would ruin my life..I'd never finish high school and the father of the child would never be in it's life.

I had the baby-a beautiful girl.. who is 22yrs old now..I did finish high school and went on to college-it's a harder life but not un-doable. My mother was there for me, supported me, but I knew it was my responsibility to care for this baby-the father did stay in our lives, my daughter has a relationship with him to this day.

If a mother feels her child is acting as child and can't care for the baby then she has every right as the childs grandparent to step in.

The kids need education and REALISTIC deal with their issues. It's a different time, a different stress on to them like they matter and they might just surprise you!


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